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The Book

Right now, be it great or dire, your life is the sum total of your thoughts, choices, actions and habits; everything in your life can be  traced to the way you think and how this influences what actions you take.

But all too often our thoughts and feelings seem to have a mind of their own, with negative beliefs and emotions running amok in our brain, making it difficult, if not impossible, to make much needed changes in our lives. That was, until now.

Told through real life stories of coaching adventures from around the world, Un-Train Your Brain is an adventurous guide to learning how to overcome the thinking and habits that hold you back from achieving the health, happiness and confidence you desire. This book will enable you to choose how you feel and experience each moment, transforming your daily habits into actions that will lead to being your very best.

Un-Train Your Brain supported by a downloadable app with video and audio content to coach the techniques in real time. Reads this book, apply its methods and begin creating the life you want to live.

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Hearing Mike speak before, I’ve had this on pre-order for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. Thought-provoking, engaging and unlike many books in this category, genuinely helpful. My only quandary now is where to direct this new found freedom and energy first! Highly recommended

TMR Amazon Reviewer

It makes the feeling of being able to change your habits much more relatable, when you realise you can already do it, or have done it in the past. Mike just opens your eyes as to how you could apply this to other areas of your life. There are also some interesting techniques to learn, that I’m looking forward to trying. I would definitely recommend this for anyone feeling ‘stuck’ or in a rut in life.

Miss I Amazon Reviewer

Mike Week’s writing is clear, concise and entertaining. The book kept me engaged from cover to cover, so much so I read the book in one sitting. Mike Weeks shares some interesting exposures of the patterns that dictate our lives and at the same time arms the reader with a set of patterns/games that we can use to bring up change in our lives.

JME Amazon Reviewer

The book flowed throughout like a real conversation with your coach or mentor, which is why I think, Mike Weeks is such a successful coach. The simple summary of the book is that you have a choice… to react or not; to be happy or sad;to cry or smile no matter what happens to you in life

 Amazon Reviewer

The App

 Accompanying Un-Train Your Brain is a free app with videos and audio to guide you through the exercises.

You can use the QR reader in the Un-Train Your Brain app which will link your smart device directly to the relevant clip.

We hope you will download the app free of charge and keep coming back to the videos any time you need them.

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“Un-Train Your Brain provides simple, actionable steps for making choices that lead to you living your very best life.”

The Author

Mike Weeks is a personal change and wellbeing expert. He co-writes and presents the lessons for Un-Train Your Brain, as well as facilitating workshops around the world on subjects such as stress resilience, relationships, parenting, personal effectiveness and public speaking.

Mike has been featured in paper and TV press, appearing in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and many more.


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“Understand what drives your choices and behaviours, and how to master those choices to become  your very best self.”

Who is un-train your brain for?

Anyone… who is eager to experience more joy, confidence, satisfaction, empathy, relaxation, wellbeing and happiness.


who want to identify their motivational needs, and deal with fears, worry, problems and decision-making.

Executives & managers

who want to succeed without burning out and to have methods for getting the best from their teams.

Coaches, therapists & change agents

looking to improve their approach and elegantly make more lasting impact with their clients.


who want to be able to positively influence their children and to never lose their state to unwanted emotions.

Emergency responders

Military, police, firefighters, and medical workers who require the ability to change their perception of stress and remain resilient and emotionally healthy.

Sports people

who desire focus and choice over their performance when the pressure is on.