James Tripp, is a leading hypnotist, coach and chaos rider(more on that in the interview).
I really enjoyed this conversation, in part because of James’ honest retelling of how he lived much of his younger life in fear and misery, and how he had to overcome the idea of a predetermined self, to create who he is today.

Conversation points we cover:

‘Give people a passport to judge you’

The importance of thinking with the brain and body.

Hypnosis without trance

Quantum physics

How Martial arts was a big game changer

The toxic and dangerous view of genetic determination.

How James lived in fear throughout his teens – and was a whiney complainer

Why Psychoanalysis is bullshit

Thinking that he couldn’t become a life coach because his own life was a mess

The magic of Tai Chi Chuan

The realisation that he had been hypnotised to believe that ‘school knew something about education’.

Homeschooling his daughters for a year.

How James wants his kids to learn about learning.

The benefits of home schooling

Learning from Russian Martial Arts ‘Systema Spetsnaz’

How martial arts has transferred to other areas of his life.

The lack of effective training in the Society of NLP.

How James runs his Hypnosis training in line with martial arts training

James’ Definition of Hypnosis
‘The use of language and communication to direct attention, lead cognition and seed ideas for the purpose of leading into an altered experience of reality’

How to avoid creative suicide

A meaningful quote to James: ‘The biggest change comes when people realize that no one is coming (Nathanial Brandon)

More on James

Books: Nathanial Branden: The 6 pillars of self-esteem

People mentioned:
James Tsakalos: www.nlpmelbourne.com.au/index.php/abo…-your-trainer
Jurgen Rasmussen: provocativehypnosis.com/
John P Morgan: jpmorganjr.com/

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