Stop Chasing Happiness

As is sometimes the case when a person first hears what I do for a living, the lady sat next to me at a dinner party began to declare her various reasons (excuses) for not having achieved what she’d expected from life. Though at fifty she was far from old, there was a certain resignation in her assumptions that her

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Choosing wisely for best results

Every day we are each required to make a series of choices. The quality and potential consequence of those choices is what creates difference in our lives. Today you could choose to eat garbage, processed foods; or to deliver work that is knowingly under par; or speak unkindly about others behind their back; or watch TV instead of working on

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Do you fear making mistakes?

Imagine… the sounds and facial expressions of those around you inspiring a feeling of support and encouragement as you ready yourself. This is it… a moment for which your entire being has learned, developed and prepared. The tingle of anticipation, excitement and readiness signal your muscles into action. You rise, gaze forward, take one monumental step ahead and … topple

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Why I don’t use voicemail

I remember my first mobile phone, I think it was a Nokia which sat in my hand like a small brick. Prior to purchase of said brick I couldn’t see much point in being accessible at all times. However due to my itinerant lifestyle it was often impossible to get hold of me for work. This, after all, was a

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