Making the very best of 2017 (Expert advice from eight leading coaches)

On the day of the presidential inauguration and a week after the announcement of the Brexit plans in the U.K., it’s shaping up to be an interesting year already. Like many people who summon motivation upon the turning of a New Year you may have made resolutions to squeeze more out of 2017.  If those resolutions or commitment to change

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The more you know the less you need

‘The more you know the less you need.’ Aboriginal saying As our world becomes ever more complex and demanding by the day, it is clear that many people struggle with keeping on top of things. Attention-grabbing events, devices and to-do lists are so far beyond what our primitive neurology evolved to be able to handle that we now live in uncharted

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Defining Success and Failure

Just as it seems there can be no absolute meaning to life other than what we individually give to it, there can be no absolute degree of success or failure carved for each of us in stone. I have been intrigued to hear from a multi-millionaire client who still regularly works late into the night as he attempts to achieve

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Enough Already, Just Quit Doing Stress

Recently in a workshop for a group of senior managers and execs, all was going well in my opening introduction until I stated that there is no such thing as psychological stress, only our interpretation of it. Heads turned to look at each other in the group and three hands raised amongst the mutters and looks of contempt for my

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How to change any habit, the easy way

It’s sometimes possible to create new habits through sheer force of will, even though more often than not our stronger internal urges override any will-powered behaviours we attempt to set ourselves. Have you considered what willpower is? Conscious control of our impulses, urges and compulsions. The problem with exerting our will or conscious control is that our unconscious mind, the

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Why I don’t use voicemail

I remember my first mobile phone, I think it was a Nokia which sat in my hand like a small brick. Prior to purchase of said brick I couldn’t see much point in being accessible at all times. However due to my itinerant lifestyle it was often impossible to get hold of me for work. This, after all, was a

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Any event or interaction that we experience is only ever an interpretation of reality. What is actually going on outside of us, in our environment, will never be known in an objective way. In every split second of experience we each create meaning based upon our own values, beliefs, and personal/cultural knowledge. Just as Shakespeare pointed out in Hamlet, ‘

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