Making the very best of 2017 (Expert advice from eight leading coaches)

On the day of the presidential inauguration and a week after the announcement of the Brexit plans in the U.K., it’s shaping up to be an interesting year already. Like many people who summon motivation upon the turning of a New Year you may have made resolutions to squeeze more out of 2017.  If those resolutions or commitment to change

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James Tripp Interview

James Tripp, is a leading hypnotist, coach and chaos rider(more on that in the interview). I really enjoyed this conversation, in part because of James’ honest retelling of how he lived much of his younger life in fear and misery, and how he had to overcome the idea of a predetermined self, to create who he is today. Conversation points

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Defining Success and Failure

Just as it seems there can be no absolute meaning to life other than what we individually give to it, there can be no absolute degree of success or failure carved for each of us in stone. I have been intrigued to hear from a multi-millionaire client who still regularly works late into the night as he attempts to achieve

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